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I probably won't use this anymore... [23 Jul 2006|01:06am]
add me!
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sucker [22 Jul 2006|11:44pm]
[ mood | hehhehaaaahah ]

"Am i on speakerphone?"
what a funny question. especially if the other person (myself, in this situation) can hear the super-obnoxious voice on the phone.
I don't know why i initially felt so insulted. his tattoos are so so SO shitty, and he reminds me too much of my exboyfriend. i hated every second i had to spend with him.
so nah, no hard feelings. keep on talkin' shit. you're probably already down on yourself because you're infected with a non-curable STD. so have at it.


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[21 Jul 2006|10:45pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

i'd really like it if you went to at least one of these 2 sites
just so you're informed.


on a less scary note (but still pretty bad),
i've been thinking about last night's dream an awful lot. Casey and i were in her car when she ran over a little black boy's foot and a huge group of gangsters (both italian and black) came out and kept threatening us. they locked us in a pool with a bunch of steps, where i slipped and almost drowned. then i saw Cedric the Entertainer beat Casey to a pulp and i ran and hid. (I've seen Be Cool too many times.) eventually, five crazy girls came and killed him while i sneakily crept away and ended up in the parking lot of hardee's and saxon shoes.


on a much lighter & happier note,
i got the job at michael's. i was supposed to start training on thurs. but I'm going out of town next weekend for my gradnmother's birthday.
i love the velvet underground so muhc...And i was diggin on carly simon and iggy pop earlier. realized i had more joni mitchell than i thought. i like it.
slept for like 6 1/2 hours today....it was much needed, of course, but i wish i hadn't. Traffic school starts @ 8 tomorrow, ends at four. what fun!


on that note, bye.

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[21 Jul 2006|09:51am]
[ mood | tired ]

This song would have been great 6 or 7 hours ago. or, awful...i can't decide.
a few of us girls last night sat around playing drinking games, which led to "never have i ever," which led to the most in depth, real, terrifyingly truthful description of our entire lives. or, that's what mine was, at least. (i feel like commas are overused) i told them about my parents, old friends that had just..gone away, old friends that i had pushed away --with or without good reason; about not liking yourself, about regrets of things or not doing things; about suicide, about anorexia, bulimia, and a past relationship that hit me harder than a fucking train could. i ended up fighting back tears while talking about something a friend gave me around Christmastime that i took with me later on, and then all of a sudden..
"wow, i never thought i'd see YOU cry."
so i stopped.
we went around the room telling each ohter things we'd said behind each others' backs. i don't know why.
i don't know why we did any of it, and i especially don't know why i'm talking about it.
i wasn't drunk, i barely know two of the girls -- i can't even stand one of them....
fuck it.

the point of this was..
my alcohol tolerance sucks & last night was the most pathetic, depressing and girliest thing i've probably ever done. and i do not recommend it to you while you're drinking...or about to menstrate. ahah


so anyway.
this weekend, i'm missing

because of

but looking at

makes it okay just a little bit more.

i hope everyone has a really good day today. knock on wood.

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[20 Jul 2006|07:02pm]
[ mood | mellow ]

I'm sitting here with 1/4 of a tomato sliced up and 1/2 a bowl of green beans. and it all tastes like shit. i think it's a sign i shouldn't be eating it.
i haven't eaten all day. i like the feeling.
i'm not going to worry about what i say to anyone anymore. for most people, i don't anyway, but now it applies to everyone hahh
(but i'm still not going to use names)
I walked the 4-5 miles to casey's house today..anyone know today's heat index??
we also did yoga + belly dancing.....and then went to tt lounge. i shouldn't have gotten the thai drink, but it's the only thing i've had so who gives a shit.
i'm tired...but i can't take a nap or i'll miss out on tonight. bleh!

we all went to see my dad at work today. i miss him so muhc. my family's all going down to souf boston in a week for my grandmother's birthday. i can't wait to see everyone...especially john. and i hope he lets us stay with him in ny.
(why do i feel like a broken record?)
meh mehemejeh mehhhh

love/hate/don't care

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"takin it!" [19 Jul 2006|10:38pm]
[ mood | excited ]

I had my interviews today, and they both went really well. both managers made it sound like i already had the job, which is good...and bad. i don't want to have to chooose, i would love to work both jobs so we'll see if that's a possibility at all. then, i have my other one with Three Chopt Animal Clinic tomorrow and the only reason i'm even considering that one is because casey is really interested, has already had her interview, and wants to work with someone she knows. butttt on the way home from dt tonight, both my service light and my security light come on, which means something is fucked up with the fuses. i don't even know if i can make it to my interview w/them in the morning, meeehhH!
and i'm missing the box of liquor at her house, and i don't like it.
my days are boring, my nights usually aren't.
Tim's 20th birthday was last night, and he got completely trashed. everyone did. he and i made up, i started to despise lindsey a little more, and got kind of creeped out?
oh well.
then tonight, we went to tt lounge and i finally tried something "new"-- or, other than coffee & loved it. loved panda veg as well, didn't even regret spedning the money for it. we decided to do the bus-up-to-nyc thing for only 60 bucks round trip. i'm so fucking exctied.
but wait...there's more! a few of us are also thinking of joining the dodgeball championship to benefit charity, and we're going to own everyone. :)

k, love.
(and speaking of, this song makes me miss andrew way too much. and these dreams aren't helping, either.)

and you were standing on top of tip toes
in the kitchen as the water starts to boil
and as we removed each others clothes
i thought i would sing some notes
so that maybe you would slow dance with me

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[17 Jul 2006|03:12pm]
[ mood | complacent ]

I'm starting a fruit, cigarette, and diet soda diet. with maybe some chicken salad in there every once in a while. i'm going to see how long i can go because walking/running on that fucking treadmill isn't enough.
i met casey's grandmother yoda yesterday. she's giving her a treadmill AND a stationary bike, so the rest of our summer is going to be spent in her basement sweating off every ounce of fat. god, i'm gross!
As a reminder, i have to call forever 21 tomorrow. and i have my interview wiht michael's on wednesday and my interview with three chopt animal clinic on thursday. i am going to charm them like a motherfucker.
I just watched jackass vol 2 and steve-o: out on bail vol 3, and i'm wondering why i still have them. i'm wondering why i still have a lot of the stuff i have. i'm working on selling a bunch of shit on some community on here. money + health are the two most important things right now....alongside of cigarettes and beer.
"What a waste of a life" bahhaha

i miss canada. i wish i still had the pictures or i could find someone with them...

for the time being...Collapse )

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[16 Jul 2006|08:54pm]
[ mood | artistic ]

this is important.
personally, i hate sex. so why does everything around me always revert back to it? 1/3 of them was good. what does that say about the act of it? i don't know why i'm talking of such a thing with the people of livejournal.

tonight's the first night i've been alone in a while, and i'm glad. it'll give me time to clean stuff up, to get my act together, to draw more ideas down. i really need to go out and get fabric. first i need to get those jobs: michael's and forever 21. i'm going to move out and not have any time to have a real life, but i don't even care.

everyone should listen to more regina spektor and less shitty shit. i'm feeling it right now.

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[15 Jul 2006|02:12pm]
[ mood | dirty ]

dear bathroom rug,
i'm sorry for puking on you. you and i both know that i tried to hold it in and that i tried my drunken best to clean up afterwards. thank that stupid game and Ficken for it. but really, thank you for not coming to me in my sleep and killing me, like i dreamt you would do.

obviously last night was a blast.
obviously i have a problem and that cartoon on the entry before this holds true.

doris is dry and crusty. i don't like her like this.

i have too much baggage, as in friends that make things more difficult. and i mean that in the nicest way possible. sorta.

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[13 Jul 2006|01:41pm]
Right after i posted that last entry and right after i got my tattoo FOR HER, my mother kicks me out of the house. I'm 18...it's about time i move out anyway. no hard feelings, ma.

oh, and one other thing:

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perfect [13 Jul 2006|01:12am]
the concept, the look, and the feeling of tattoos-- or, everything about them
new friends
surprising old friends
good friends
little downtown diners that have a european feel
nyc in august
camel lights + az green tea
open road drivin'
so much against me!
being away from home
talk of moving out
a new level of confidence
not having sex
but swooning anyhow
endless possibilities
...with everything
project fucking runway
fabric buying runs.

sweet life.
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[12 Jul 2006|11:31am]
[ mood | okay ]

my livejournal's not juicy enough.
all i can think of saying is i have pink eye and i'm wearing a big, comfy, red robe given to me for christmas.

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this is NOT dumb, cominos... [11 Jul 2006|10:32pm]
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it just doesn't serve my ipod justice. at all.
make me cds.
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rrrreeevelation. [11 Jul 2006|05:14am]
sorta, but not really.
i've decided what i want to do with the rest of my life.
sorta, but not really.
i'm on a fruit diet starting at 11:34 monday night.
i spent like, 60 bucks today.
bad bad bad bad bad bad abbbbbaaaaddddddddddd. so bad.
so, that's the reason for my diet. i went into bang on and got probably the sweetest shirt anyone in the entire world has ever seen, or thought of seeing, and i thought it was a medium but mcuh to my dismay, it's "M/OS." DOES ANYONE KNOW WHAT THE FUCK THAT MEANS?!?!?!?!???? no. but i know it's too tight on me for it to be comfortable. god, i'm gross. so, hm...fruit. i like fruit.
i also got jeans. FROM WALMART of all places! they're awesome. (and of course cigarettes and the like.... i'm way too in love with camel lights right now, and i'm going to stop bumming them out to people who won't give me anything in return. i'm sick of it. don't say you will if you don't intend on doing so.)
caseface and i had a good talk tonight. i like my best frweind. and i can't wait til new york...and i might get a job at michael's. and i can't wait until that either.
i want dermabrasion. so bad.

ugh! so many things on my mind right now...
but i'm going to pick the shit out of my nose, it's somewhat of a reward at 5:30 in the morning.
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shut up shut up shut up shuitutttt up [10 Jul 2006|12:28am]
if i hear anymore shit about my septum from your parents, i will pierce them in their sleep.

Casey and i are planning a trip to new york. like, this week. it's going to be bad...azz. yeah, mmhm. we almost turned around on the interstate and went like, an hour ago, but realized bambi definitely does not need that stress on her.

loopity loop/
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[08 Jul 2006|09:04pm]
[ mood | blah ]

today is possibly the most boring day of my life.
steak quesadillas are good + filling.
3/4 of a tank of gas is nice to have, and so are two extra packs of cigarettes.
i don't want to drink.
i want taylor to come down.
i want char to call back.
an ipod is the best investment you can make. i'd recommend it to anyone who is a good enough driver not to swerve off the road while playing with it.
i went into priscilla's today and found nothing of real interest to me. except this yellow stilettos for 15 bucks, but they only had them in electric blue and they looked terrible on me. however, they're hiring and i would LOVE to sell perverts their porn and dildos. really.

4 days?!!!!! :)

also..i figure now that i have an ipod and it's all MY music, i should do this again.
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[07 Jul 2006|06:37pm]
[ mood | productive ]

Maxx Wetzel is officially the coolest guy i know. i went in there to apologize for having to cancel my appointment and because it was a money issue, he said he'd do the exact same design for what i have -- $120! which is a good 100 bucks off what i should be paying, probably more. so when i get the money, i'm going to give him the fattest tip he's ever gotten. i can't wait.
i also went in there to ask Jessica how the fuck i can clean my septum better. if anyone ever tells you getting it done doesn't hurt, believe them. if anyone ever tells you it doesn't hurt afterwards, they're a fucking liar.
gah meh eh whatevs.
i need a job. hot topic, what's up?
but no, seriously.
and i am all about some cleaning right now. in 20 years, i'll be just like danny tanner...with a daughter who does crystal meth.

i just coughed and GELLED mucus came up. like...chewy shit. gross. what the hell, i thought i was getting better!
i was thinking of going to a doctor, but fuck that noise.
...this song seems appropriate.

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[06 Jul 2006|12:35am]
[ mood | pleased ]

So today's my birthday and minus the fact that i can't get my tattoo tomorrow, it was sweet. eight of us went to the beach and i got my septum pierced in a shitty parlor with dead baby sharks and 300 dollar rocks. and i figure i can save up the money that i didn't get today (but will later) and get the tattoo in the next couple weeks.

man oh maaaaannnnnn!

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HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY! [04 Jul 2006|02:30pm]
[ mood | chipppaaaaaa! (Jones) ]

My tongue hurts from where my ring is getting pushed forward when i cough. i need to get fucking better already!

today is my favorite day in the world.
and i'm just hanging out at home for now. it's one of those days.
in a little bit, i'll be with ron.
after that, we'll be seeing fireworks.
after that, we'll all be so incredibly intoxicated.
and then after that, at 12:00 am, i'll be buying cigarettes. haha i'm actually excited, that's how lame i am.

but not as lame as people who think they're better than others! no names, no names!


this has been the past couple days...

don't kfdahdfsa kick tdfsdsafkhe dsafhaf pigeons.
man, i do what i want!

plus dumpster diving for dinner and oregon hill for....

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[03 Jul 2006|05:16am]
[ mood | saihfadfksdf ]

I didn't like All Quiet on the Western front. i would never try to read it again.
that's probably a lie.
i'm high.
high-lowwwwwww! it's like hello, but not really. i went into river city and got everything cleared up with max, so i feel a lot better about that. i think it'll look good. and if not, it's just my arm, right?
man. so i saw ashley get her nipples pierced today. and charlotte pierced her nose and navel. it was intense.
i can't wait until next sunday when i get my septum. 'cept i don't want to get arrested.
i hit a car backing out at ian's today. i tried to make a hot getaway but got stuck at the light for liek, 3 minutes. scared out of my mind, while everyone's hysterical. hahahoh god, i missed my friends.
small world when you go to 7-11 to see if your "boyfriend" is working and then see old friends. and the guy who wants to kick your ass.
WHAT HTE HELL IS A FRAWG SLURPIE?!?? and why did i just write Surprise?
why am i back in the west end?
brittny laudani is in town. we're all going to the beach on my birthday. aoiwhdskdgjnasdknfasdfihIK!ngawlkfga fuck! i can't believe this.
i'm getting way too excited.
a guy we used to make fun of to the point where he was almost crying died the other night. his funeral's tomorroow. or, today, since it's 1:20. it's hard to deal with. he was so nice to me when i went into taco bell.

i'm rambling + thinking way too much.

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